Best Apps to Download Movies for Free on Android

Download Movies for Free

People in the meantime love to spend time with themselves by playing games or watching movies. To entertain yourself by watching movies is a bit common nowadays. This kind of activity is almost loved by everyone. Especially teenagers mostly prefer streaming services like Netflix to watch interesting movies and seasons which makes their time more interesting and enjoyable. Well, watching movies on Netflix is a bit difficult because a subscription is necessary and you do not have to go offline is the main reason. 

Best Apps to Download Movies for Free

Moreover, if you want to download the movies on Android devices and are interested to watch them offline (for free) even if there is no internet then, you are in the right place. We will help you to find out the best apps to watch the movies offline after downloading them (via the internet) and the following are the below-mentioned apps:

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This app is used to download old movies to make time more entertaining and enjoyable. It is the pre-installed app on your android phones so you don’t have to install or download any other software to watch movies on this app. Well, this app has a huge collection of movies to watch but most of them are old and are uploaded on it by production companies. Also, indie filmmakers upload their content on this app as well. Moreover, if you are a movie lover then you should start with this app and you can also watch the latest movies to watch, enjoy or download them by paying a rental fee. 

Bee Tv

Download Movies for Free

This app also makes the time of people more entertaining and enjoyable by watching movies. It also has a large collection of movies. If you are a Netflix lover then, this app doesn’t take much time because it is an unlocked version of Netflix. This app’s features and appearance is the same as Netflix or Amazon Prime. Simply, you have to type the name of a movie in which you are interested then, download the link to watch a movie for free and enjoy. There are various links to download the movie you can choose any size and quality. 


This app is also made to make your time more enjoyable and entertaining by watching movies. This app is made for those who are looking for movies that are not available on Netflix. Tubi also offers a huge collection of movies for free. It can be downloaded on Android devices and you can watch them in HD quality too. Well, on weekly basis, new titles are added to the collection list of this app. This app is user-friendly because it has a bookmark which makes a personal space where you can add your favorite movies either to watch them later or not, it totally depends on your mood. 

Cinema HD

Cinema HD is a well-known online streaming app that helps you to download and watch movies offline to make your time more entertaining and enjoyable. This app also offers a large number of movies that can be downloaded freely. You can enjoy these without any disturbance of the pop-up ads. It also supports HD quality and you can choose any resolution to watch movies with subtitles facility. This is considered the best way to make your time more exciting without paying any cost. 

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is also an app that is used to download movies online to make time more entertaining and enjoyable. If you ever used Torrent for downloading videos then, you will appreciate this app. This app downloads the movies with the help of the BitTorrent protocol. You can also share the downloaded movie with other users as well. This app has a high-downloading speed to download movies and TV shows online. This app also supports HD quality and has a subtitles facility with many other languages. 


Vudu is an online streaming service that brings cinema to your house. You can literally rent out a movie for a day or so, invite people and earn money. You’ll get all the latest movies and TV shows, then you can rent them and watch them for free. Moreover, if you decide to purchase then you can download that movie. Once the movie is yours, you can share it with friends and family. But the best part is about making your own small cinema, which can help you start your own business. Vudu app is available on all the famous platforms, but you can always use their website to stream movies.


Download Movies for Free

Crackle is the only legit video streaming website that offers free services. You’ll see ads on both the app and the website, but they are worth it for the services they provide. The only problem is that Crackle is only available in 21 regions. So, if you want to use this service in your location, you’ll have to rely on a VPN to remove this restriction. Even if you are using an app, you can’t access it in a locked region. You have to pay almost $10 if you want to remove the ads and access more content. But unlike other platforms, where you have to pay to even look at the interface, Crackle lets you stream limited movies and Tv shows for free.


Download Movies for Free

Vidmate is not available on Play Store, simply because it violates the policy and lets people download YouTube videos for free. While Youtube won’t allow video downloading at all, this app lets you download any Youtube video for free and in any quality you want. Apart from Youtube, you can also use Vidmate to download movies from any other site. As long as that website is supported in the application. There is no option to stream the videos at the moment. The company might add this feature in future updates, but nothing is assured at the moment. Since this app is not available on the Play Store, you can use the apk file to install it manually. In terms of updates, you’ll be notified by the app and you can download and install the update.

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Watching online movies are a need nowadays since people are staying at home for work. There aren’t many platforms that allow you to download movies from there. Due to this, third-party developers created apps that either allow you to download movies or save them for offline viewing. Apart from Vidmate, every other app offers you to save the movies instead of downloading them. So, if you want to watch movies offline then all these apps support this. But if you want to download movies, only Vidmate does such a job.

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